Not necessary to take the product out of the production line

Neither stop nor register the product for its inspection.


Adapt to the production flow of the product

Including breaks, stops and starts of the production process during inspection.


Inspect any type of product

With a high R&D potential and high growth potential, and easy to develop new functionalities and adaptations.

First technology that carries out in-motion inspection of vehicle bodies without the need for assembly line modifications

Patented technology, which allows the inspection of specular, semi-specular or matte surfaces, detecting and locating all types of defects.

the bodywork of an opel corsa being inspected on the move without the need to alter the production line
Easy retrofitting of our in-motion vehicle inspection technology without interruption of the production line

Our systems adapt to the production flow of the product

Perfectly adapted to the manufacturing process of the product, our systems allow us to carry out a thorough inspection of the production 100% in-line.

Projects carried out

our Eagle eye inspection system in operation on the opel production line

Automobile Paint Finishing Inspection Systems

A total of nine Eagle Eye – TCI systems installed in eight european plants of the world’s largest car manufacturers.

Car dashboard inspection system

Automobile Dashboard Inspection

Inspection system for vehicle dashboards to detect manufacturing defects and the presence and absence of components.

Food inspection system

Food Industry Inspection

Various projects related to the control and inspection of production, product status and product packaging, in the food industry.

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