About us


Our Origins

J3D Vision and Inspection Mesurement Systems was founded in 2016 by four members of the Manufacturing Engineering and Advanced Metrology Group (GIFMA), which is one of the research groups from the Aragon Institute of Engineering Research (I3A), as an Spin Off company of the University of Zaragoza.

The founder members have worked for many years in improving the fabrication, measurement and productive systems verification methods, in addition to the development, optimization and automation of innovative techniques and systems of production and inspection. 

Our technology

Our technologies allow us to develop highly specialized systems in precision engineering, precision measurement techniques with and without contact, both from the point of view of equipment development, mathematical modeling, optimization, laser and optical measurement technologies and artificial intelligence. Therefore, J3D Vision develops machine learning procedures and systems development for simple and advanced in-line inspection of 100% of the production.

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Our Technology

Patented technology

Adapts to high production speeds

Inspect any type of product

Our systems are based on our own patented technology, which allows the inspection of specular, semi-specular or matt surfacesdetecting and locating all kind of defects that are caused by failures in the painting process or the production process. It was the first technology to carry out inspection of bodies in motion without the need for line modifications and adapting as standard to high production speeds up to 150 jph, with the possibility of adaptation to higher speeds.

The flexibility of our technology allows the use of any number of cameras and any type of lighting required by the inspection process. All this allows our systems to inspect any type of product to detect possible manufacturing or painting defects. With a high R&D potential and high growth potential, and easy to develop new functionalities and adaptations adjusting to the needs of any manufacturing process .


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Our Products

Our inspection systems are designed to be in-line inspection systems for 100% of the production, and to have a minimum impact on the production cycle processes of the product to be inspected. Therefore, it is not necessary to take the product out of the production line, neither stop nor register the product for its inspection.

Our systems also adapt to the production flow of the product, including breaks, stops and starts of the production process during inspection.